Mieco Westlake

The Westlake office is active in originating and delivering refined clean products across the Eastern and Mid-western United States. Additionally, our office is also active in seeking out various supply opportunities, such as marketing and term agreements.

Trading Activities:
Our trading activities can be classified into three (3) markets:

  1. U.S. Atlantic Coast (PADD I)
  2. Mid-western U.S. (PADD II)
  3. U.S. Gulf Coast  (PADD III)

We look to originate both distillate and gasoline products from the U.S. Gulf Coast and use are shipper status on three major pipelines, Magellan, Explorer, and Colonial Pipeline, to feed in-demand locations. In addition to being active shippers along these pipelines, our office also has a variety of storage and tank agreements with these pipelines.

Finally, our office uses a number of financial instruments, such as swaps and futures, to both hedge our risk and generate additional benefits. We look forward to working with others and discussing supply needs and other opportunities.

Contact Information:

Eric Liebert
Clean Products Scheduler
Office: (562) 435-0085
Mobile: (818) 540-8857

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