Mieco Newark

Mieco Newark

Mieco NewarkLocated in Newark, New Jersey, this office is active in the marketing of bulk refined petroleum products on the East Coast and Mid Continent. The office is also active in the financing of petroleum inventories for refiners and distribution companies across the U.S.

Marketing Activities:
Our New Jersey office is primarily a contract supplier of distillate fuels and gasoline along the Colonial Pipeline, and the barge and pipeline market in the Mid-Atlantic States, as well as bulk truck rack marketing in New York and New Jersey. The marketing program incorporates supply, inventory financing, and risk management tools such as options into the price of the products. The program eases the customer’s cash flow requirements, and provides an accurate means for costing of the product.

Trade Finance:
We will supply or purchase in place, crude or products at the facilities of refiners and distributors, and keep title of that product in the customer’s tanks until it is needed for processing or resale. Risk management tools such as futures and options are held by MIECO on the inventory which further decreases the customer’s cash requirements.

Please Contact:  
Bruce Shapiro
VP, Marketing and Trade Finance
Office:  973-733-2771
Direct:  862-343-7703
Mobile: 215-499-5811

Sherla Glasgow
Terminal Operations
Office:  973-733-2771
Direct:  862-343-7702
Mobile:  732-395-8074

Eric Douglas
Pipeline / Trading
Office:  973-733-2771
Direct:  862-365-7076
Mobile:  510-301-8825

Jose Sierra
Scheduler Operations Manager
Office:  973-733-2771
Direct:  862-395-7077
Mobile:  347-992-0674

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